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Marvel yes

Just as a warning

The guy who’s writing these comics is a piece of shit. They put Rick Remender in charge of this. He’s the guy who fridged Sharon Carter. He’s the guy who decided that Steve’s little memorial room would include Nazi memorabilia. He’s the guy who aged up a 14-year-old to 23 just so Sam Wilson (the Falcon, the guy we’re talking about here) could have drunken sex with her. He’s the guy who told fans to drink hobo piss if they disagreed with him.

I am super-excited about the idea of Falcon becoming Captain America. He deserves it. He’s been Cap’s buddy for decades, and there’s definitely precedence for Cap’s buddies stepping up and carrying the shield. But I also want you guys to make an informed decision. If we don’t support this book, we might not get another chance with a better writer. If we do support this book, we have no idea what kind of bullshit he’s going to pull. He doesn’t exactly have the best track record.

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